Property stall provides satisfied services to the customer are searching the information in Real Estate and Construction area. We are working on the Construction projects present constructing the apartments’ location based at Hyderabad, and we are all having satisfied customer too. We are looking to elaborate our business and planning to undertake some of more construction project.

Our strength is, we are having a good resources and expertise of team. And we executed the project in or before of time as provided in the agreement. We are having the stability in supply for the construction material ISO certified Iron and Cement .

Apart from construction field we are in Sales too. We deal with selling the Ventures, Gated Communities and Flat resale etc.

Our Vision. 

Our vision is to provide the genuine information and property to the customers coming with a hope for the best. We are providing all the required services to the customer to occupy a house, land, villa till end getting satisfied, it includes paper work and guidance.

Meet our team

Executive Director

Shabeena Mirza


(Developer) Director


PropertyStall was built with your success in mind

We will Provide below services In our Website ! Dont Waste Hard Earn Money

Easy to Get Started Easy to Start, Just Login Through Gmail Account and Facebook Account.Search Properties and Construction Team

Easy To Listed   

Three Steps every One Upload Properties in and Geo Location Enable Services.

Get Leads

Best Referral Program in propertystall, we are not showing properties we will analysis and Cross Verify The Property.

Executed With In The Time  

We will undertaken Project Sales Executed withe in the time period only and Market Competitive cost

Best Referral Program 

Offer your agents custom subscription levels by varying the number of featured and regular listings

Knowledge About Real estate

We are Provide Weekly  and Monthly Real Estate E paper for Better Understating.

Dream House Client Requirement Undertaken End To End construction we will Provide lot Of  Benefits Dream House

Design Provide all Designs Free of Cost for Subscribers as per Client Requirement

Project Management Undertaken Big Projects also we have Best Project management Skills

In time Excussion

Project Execution Period must maintain and Delver the with the Time

Interior Design

Dream House Interior Design must provide less cost


Best Service Provide in Regular Service like Electrical and Plumber and Water Security

…and any Other Details Contact us

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