Dream House Construction

Design Services:

Without prior designing, construction of any house / building / villa etc… is a very difficult task and moreover to get our likely design. Without designing no one could think about the construction.

Propertystall having the best designer’s team to design the property of the customer’s as per their requirements.


Design plays an important role for any construction to go ahead and bring live.

Without maintaining the design the structure becomes a failure. Propertystall provides the best design in construction as below.

1. Structural Design

2. Floor Plan and Design

3. Electrical Design

4. Plumbing Design

We provide the property design for free of cast. For G + 1 construction, property must maintain the standard designing.

Construction Services

In construction the major roles play by labours (manpower). Without man power no construction could be possibly successfully executing on time.

Propertystall provides the skilled labours, including with safety equipments and a civil engineer who monitor’s daily activity of construction based on the design.

Painting Plumbing & Electrical

Propertystall have good skilled resources for painting, plumbing and electrical. Our resources provide the best furnished work for the constructed property. And the durability of the work done would be more than 10 years.

Majorly used for plumbing and electrical work is in houses, apartments, malls etc.

Propertystall provides the plumbing and electrical designing, resources along with the best quality material to be used.


Skilled manpower has given 100% result in work and minimum guarantee

Comparative best price and service providers

Construction of the house is vary from renovating the house, we redesign and supervise the renovation and provide the best to our clients.

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